192.168.l.254 (also known as IP is a numerical label, which is used for router management. In the market, there are many brands using this IP by default. Among them are Westell, 3Com, Thompson, Linksys and many others. In fact, the IP provides access to software platform, which is intended to simplify router owners’ life.

What You Can Do With

To get full access to 192.168.l.254 panel, you need to type this address into the URL bar of your online browser (Chrome or others). Alternatively, you have a possibility to copy it from this article and paste in the browser. After this, you will get access to different options including WiFi network modifications, Proxy, protocol changes, a lot of security alternatives, MAC, DSL, ADSL, DHCP customer, where you can make needed changes. Most probably, you will use this interface to set or change your WPA2 password, which secures your WiFi network, preventing access of third persons. If you’ve forgotten login data, you can find it on the back of the modem / router. If you’ve changed it and cannot recollect it, then read instructions provided below.

What If You Do Not Know the Pass?

You’ll find a list of factory router passwords in the web. It shouldn’t be a huge problem to find one. Alternatively, you can find this information on the bottom of your router or in instructions to it (if available).

What If You Don’t See the Admin Panel?

In occasion you don’t find router admin interface at the IP mentioned above, it means that producers have probably set the gadget to use other IP address. If you’re using WiFi network in order to connect to your device, try switching to classic wire connection to check connectivity related issues and eliminate them.

How Can You Restore Password Data in the Router’s Interface?

Some persons make username and / or password data and then forget about it. And then, when they try to get access to the IP and make necessary changes, they face a wrong password problem. What to do in such a case. The solution is simple: you should do a hard reset of your wireless device. Let’s consider the procedure of hard resetting on the example of TP-Link TL-WR 740N. On the back side of the device you will find a small hole, under which the word RESET is written. In this hole, there is a small button that is responsible for hard reset. You need to take a thin and sharp thing, such as a needle, and press against the button with this thing. Hold it for about 15 seconds. After that, all settings of your router will be reset.
But bear in mind that this model of router has different IP address, namely tplinklogin.net, not 192.168.l.254. Other models may have other IPs, different from; some samples include &