address is typically sued by producers of some modem / router brands, like Belkin and Canyon. Other gadgets may have different IPs, such as 192.168.l.254 & These addresses are sued to simplify router users’ lives. You can alter organization & setup modified settings at any moment you want.

What Can Be Possible With

Entering the IP, which is the topic of this article, into the URL bar of your browser, you will see 2 fields where you need to type your login & pass. Do it correctly and you will get a full access to the gadget’s admin panel. In particular, you will be able to change DSL, ADSL settings, Virtual directing configurations, WLAN settings, MAC, WPS, as well as adjust virtual servers (the list of possibilities is huge).

How To Reach the IP?

The one thing you need to do is to type the IP address into the browser. Often persons use incorrect login data and face the incorrect password error. If you do not know your login / pass, read the information below.

Default User Name & Pass

As a rule, routers, which feature the abovementioned IP address, have the following login & pass:
a) Login – “admin”;
b) Password – the same, that is “admin”.
Some devices have “1234” & “1234”, respectively.

How To Restore Access to the Panel?

You can use default user data to get access to the gadget, but if you cannot do this, you probably changed the pass forgetting about it. The only way in your occasion is to perform a hard reset of the device. To do that, you need to press against the appropriate button with a needle for 10 sec. The device should work at that time. After hard resetting, you’ll get a “new” router with classic settings. It’s worth noting that all router settings will be reset (including WPA2 password, LAN settings, etc.). You’ll have to modify them again. If you’re going to change the user data, don’t forget about it.
As a result of abovementioned actions, all your settings will be reset. You’ll get the factory IP (, as well as factory login & pass.