First of all, we should note that is a false IP address. Many people make a mistake and enter this address in the browser instead of the correct address which is as follows: (in some cases – Manufacturers use the address to provide access to a program interface representing the administration panel of a wireless gadget. With the help of the panel users may change a lot of settings ensuring safe and secure access to their Wi-Fi networks. But the IP also provides a lot of other possibilities. – Users’ Possibilities

If you type the right IP (indicated above), you need to be fully authorized on this page by entering user login and user pass (this will be described below). After getting full access, you will be able to change configurations and settings of your router. Among them are security settings, management of the network, proxy configurations, WLAN, MAC, DSL, WPS settings and much more. As a result, you fill get a completely configured device, which is suitable for your needs.

How to Open the Admin Panel

All you need to do to get access to the admin panel is to open your internet browser and enter this address into its URL bar. You can do this manually or copy it from this text and paste in the bar. As a result, the panel will be opened. One of the most frequent problems among users trying to get to the panel is the incorrect password. If you don’t know user pass and user name, we have useful information for you, which is described below.

You Forget Username and/or Pass – What To Do?

The only way you can do in such a case is to perform hard reset of your device. To do this, find the appropriate button on the device and press against it with a needle or toothpick. Hold for several seconds. Internet connection may disappear, but this is not a problem, it will recover very quickly.
After performing hard reset, you can use default IP (right version of, login and pass to the device, which are indicated in the instructions to it and / or on its outer surface. You may be also interested in features.